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The Spikes train at the area's premier, state-of-the art facility: Diamond Dreams Sports AcademyDiamond Dreams is an efficiently designed, 20,000 square foot facility that includes nine hitting tunnels, eight pitching lanes, a pro-style bullpen, a field area for long toss, fielding practice and speed & agility training, a core strength workout area, a classroom, a player/parent lounge, a snack bar and a pro shop featuring grips, wax, and a variety of batting gloves.  

Most impressive, Spikes hitters are able to take swings against near-live pitching year-round when they hit against Diamond Dreams's video pitching simulator.  The simulator throws real baseballs at speeds up to 90 mph in any location and with any movement including both right and left-handed fastballs, curves, sinkers and sliders. Diamond Dreams creates a strategic advantage for Spikes teams with its high quality environment and the ability to train year-round, including the ability to conduct indoor practices during inclement, in-season weather.



The Spikes Baseball Club's training program, both in-season and off-season, is extensive. The program includes high-level, baseball specific training in all areas of the game from a group of the area's finest coaches and instructors. In addition, Spikes players enjoy significant discounts on all Diamond Dreams position-specific schools, skills camps, speed & agility, core strength and sports nutrition programs. 

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