Thank you for supporting the Ohio Spikes!  To play Super Squares, click the button and complete the form. Once boards are filled, squares are assigned randomly by a spreadsheet function. The boards are then available to be viewed, downloaded or printed. In all cases, one half of the funds raised benefit the organization while the other half is paid out in winnings!

For the Super Bowl, each square costs $10 and you may purchase as many as you like; each board contains 100 squares. The last number of each team's score is recorded at the end of each quarter. For example, if a team's score is 17, the number is 7. Winning squares are located at the intersection of one team's score across the board and the other team's score down the board.  Each quarter pays $100 with the final score paying $100 as well. (When games end in regulation, the final score pays $200.) Total payout per board is $500.

Super Bowl Squares

Our Super Squares Board will be posted below by 4 PM Super Bowl Sunday.  The board will contain 100 squares with anywhere from 1 to 5 players.  Click on the PDF to view, download, save and/or print. All squares were assigned randomly by a spreadsheet function. Check back to see our winners!


First Quarter: $100

Second Quarter: $100

Third Quarter: $100

Fourth Quarter: $100

Final Score: $100

Total Payout: $500

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