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The mission of the Spikes Baseball Club is to develop and prepare young men to play the game of baseball at the highest possible level in high school and beyond.  We accomplish this mission by offering a high-level travel program for ages nine to eighteen.  Our program's coaches are dedicated, experienced, and share a common core of values as outlined in our policies and statement of principles. 



The Spikes Baseball Club accomplishes its mission by teaching its players certain fundamental principles required for success in baseball and in life: 


TEAM: Spikes put team first. The club believes that learning to be a good teammate is a crucial part of the overall development of the individual player. 


BROTHERHOOD: Spikes have each others' backs and support their teammates through good times and bad. While not all Spikes will become friends, many will develop relationships that last a lifetime. 


DISCIPLINE: Spikes display good baseball discipline. Our coaches demand certain actions on the field; e.g., running on and off the field, sprinting out of the batter's box, no arguing with umpires, no show-boating, no showing up others, no throwing of equipment and no use of profanity. Spikes are also expected to clean up after themselves and to leave their dugouts cleaner than they found them. 

INTELLIGENCE: Spikes learn the finer points of the game. As baseball players develop, the mental aspects of the game become more and more important and will create a competitive edge if learned and applied properly.

RESPECT: Baseball has been around since the 1800's. Over the years, the game has become more than our nation's pastime; it has become a way of passing on important values and traditions from one generation to the next. Spikes respect the history of the sport and realize that the game is larger than any individual. As a result, Spikes are expected to play the game with a combination of humility and confidence, always bringing their best attitude and effort to the field.



Spikes Baseball was formed in 2012 by former Malone College player and pitching coach Mike King along with Randy McGill, a businessman and former high school player. The Spikes debuted as a 14u Elite team in 2013 with a roster that included players from eight area schools. The program was initiated with a pro-style tryout at Walsh University followed by an extensive off-season training program. In addition to league play, the Spikes competed in eight tournaments, placing in three and finishing the season with a dominating performance at the Nation's Top Gun Classic. 

Nearly all of the original Spikes returned in 2014 and were joined by several top players from other programs. The 15u Spikes again offered extensive off-season training and competed in eight, mostly 16u tournaments. The team also competed in the Nation’s 15u State Tournament with 37 other teams and won it all, defeating the Diamond Boys Showcase in the semi-finals and the Ohio Glaciers in the finals at Kent State University to win the state championship.

Following their successful sophomore season, the Spikes committed to expanding their program but decided to proceed slowly in order to maintain a high standard of play and coaching. As a result, the Spikes added three clubs in 2015.  All of the Spikes teams competed at a high level and placed in or won several tournaments. 2015 also marked the year that the Spikes moved into their new, state-of-the-art training facility: Diamond Dreams Sports Academy.

In 2016, the Spikes added another team; in 2017, the Spikes added two more. In 2018 Spikes Baseball Club grew again to eight teams and won or placed in more than ten tournaments. Since 2019, the Spikes have grown to include as many as fourteen teams, including some of the top clubs in the state of Ohio at their respective age groups. 


Existing teams interested in becoming part of the Ohio Spikes organization are encouraged to inquire for more information and to determine an appropriate fit.



The Spikes are proud to hail from Canton, Ohio, home of legendary Yankee Catcher Thurman Munson.  For the Spikes, Thurman Munson embodied many of the traits we hope to instill in our players.  The seven-time All-Star and team captain (first since Lou Gehrig) was known for his grit, determination and leadership.  Munson was known as a 'team first" player, putting the interests of his team ahead of his own.  Because of his approach, Thurman Munson became the undisputed heart and soul of a Yankee team that won three pennants and two World Series before his untimely death in 1979.  Please take a moment to read the two articles below.